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Surplus Cartridge Co. Blackberry Kush Cartridge


Ranked 7 of 231 in Vape Pens for feeling Relaxed.

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Ranked 7 of 231 in Vape Pens for feeling Relaxed.

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Blackberry Kush Cartridge
Product Information

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72% THC, <1% CBD

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1g cartridge


A Kush That Helps You Push Through

Pace yourself with this potent high and you’ll discover a newfound focus and comforting sense of calm.

IN REVIEW: This Blackberry Kush Cart is packed full of fruity flavor and powerful effects. What you do with them is up to you, but know that by the end you’ll be looking for a couch or hammock to reign in introspection and reap relief and relaxation. Keep this around to calm yourself during life’s more stressful days, or reach for it on the weekend for a high that keeps you light on your feet and grooving straight through from morning to night.

This Blackberry Kush Vape Cart by Surplus Cartridge Co. comes at you with big flavor and bigger vape clouds. My first impression was that my lungs and flavor receptors had just been bear maced with a mist of candy. It has a very sweet, berry-forward taste similar to Sweet Tarts or Fun Dip sugar packs. You can tell that a lot of terpenes have been added to this formula, and it can be overpowering if you’re used to more subtle or savory flavors.

The dumb response I gave rattled around in my head a bit, but after a few more pulls I was back to a more serene mindset, unplagued by self-criticism. 

On the day I sampled this product I’d been invited to a friend’s house for an impromptu barbecue. It was a mere three miles away, so I decided I’d just walk over there and puff on this vape along the way. By the time I was at the one-mile marker I was good and toasty. I’d settled into a calming if not meditative walk in which I was losing myself in a podcast about the Heaven’s Gate cult and generally enjoying the cool summer day.

This vape cart made it easy to get into a zone and stay there. I felt light on my feet, and the previous tension I’d been harboring in my head and face seemed to melt away with each step. At one point I bumped into a familiar face who I normally see when I walk my dog. She shouted, “Where’s your dog?” Having been in a bit of a trance up till then, I was caught off guard and fumbled my response.

I wanted to say that I’d walked him earlier in the day and that I’d given him a bath because he got real dirty, but for some reason I just said, “He’s home taking a bath,” which I think we can all agree is a weird thing to say. The lady processed that for a couple seconds and wished me well. Probably thinking to herself that my black lab draws his own bubble baths.

The dumb response I gave rattled around in my head a bit, but after a few more pulls I was back to a more serene mindset, unplagued by self-criticism. By mile three I was firmly entrenched in the podcast I was listening to and surprised that I was actually following along so closely. Normally I get high, throw on a podcast, and generally just zone out without processing much information, but this oil kept me engaged as well as relaxed.

I caught the whiff of actual burning cannabis as I approached my friend’s house and thought to myself, “I’m close.” Sure enough, my buddy’s garage door was open and he and his wife were enjoying a joint while pulling meat out of their freezer. As I was in a genuinely giving mood as a result of smoking this pen for the last half hour, I asked if they needed any help.

The reply was, “With the ribs or the joint?” I said, “Both, I guess.” Then we all laughed and embraced in that awkward way people now hug when they want to show their love for each other, but also don’t want to wind up on the dark web looking for instructions on how to build your very own ventilator. It was fair to say at this point that I may have vaped a bit too much of this above-average-in-strength vape cart, and I was now thinking in circles. A good reminder to pace yourself.

It works well for solitary walks or social gatherings, and if you have a poor appetite this could be of help.

Luckily my pal had a nice view of the surrounding valley, which made it a great place to sit down with a Fresca and look into the distance. My high was now tempered, and peace of mind reigned once again. As this high brought forth a colossal hunger, I went on to inhale several hot dogs and a vat of macaroni salad as soon as they were available. My entire BBQ experience was a rapturous one. A small gathering of friends in a beautiful setting with delicious food, heightened by the potent stylings of this Kush Cart.

Surplus Cartridge Co.’s Blackberry Kush Cannabis Distillate comes in at 79% THC and has the added benefit of satisfying that sweet tooth with its burst of berry notes. It works well for solitary walks or social gatherings, and if you have a poor appetite this could be of help. It’s a multi-functional vape choice that shuttles nicely from relaxation to mild euphoria.

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October 27th, 2020
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