Beboe Inspired Vaporizer Pen on Parcel
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BEBOE License No. CDPH-10002196

Inspired Vaporizer Pen

400mg Disposable
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  • Morning

    This product is ideal for starting your day. Coffee not included.

  • Easy To Use

    This product is easy to use, making it ideal for beginners.

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    Less than 10 of this product remain in stock. You know what to do.

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    This product is a favorite among Proper staff. And they're really picky.

Editor’s Note

Beboe's Inspired Vaporizer Pen sets itself apart from the rest with an exceptional sweet berry flavor and clean, comfortable smokability. It makes a suitable replacement for your favorite happy hour drink because it leaves most feeling bubbly and social before the high fades and drowsiness kicks in. This is a great option if you're looking to have a casual and enjoyable afternoon.

The High

Below are the results logged from 14 rating sessions totaling 42 hours of feedback from our panel of (human) experts:

Potency Measurement

Head High


Body High


Effects Felt






Product Specifications

All-in-one vape pen designed for a single use. No battery needed, no charger, no hassle. Simply inhale (sometimes you'll press a button). Recycle when done.

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Noticeable Side Effects


Terpenes Profile


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Cannabinoid Content

49% THC
3% CBD

Extraction Type


Package Contents/Qty

400mg disposable vape pen

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