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KIKOKO License No. C12-0000089-LIC


10 Tea Sachets
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Editor’s Note

kikoko's Sympa-Tea is a delicious herbal tea with a calming twist of cannabis. The complex flavor of citrus and spice combined with an ultra-soothing body high make this tea perfect for nighttime routines and afternoons on the couch. FYI the potency does not get stronger the longer you steep, so steep away.

The High

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Product Specifications

Weed in your drink. What's not to love? Generally helps stave off jitters from caffeinated drinks or add a sense of calm to nighttime teas. Drink a cup like the regular stuff, and wait up to two hours for effects to kick in.

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Cannabinoid Content

3mg THC
20mg CBD



Serving Size

1 sachet

Package Contents/Qty

10 Tea Sachets (30mg THC, 200mg CBD)

Dietary Labels

Caffeine Free

Shelf Life



Ginger, turmeric, orange peel, black pepper, star anise, cinnamon, licorice root, kikogold cannabis

Nutrition Facts
Calories 0

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