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I want to feel sleepy

Count on cannabis to help you count sheep.

Recently Rated Sleep Products

Everyone has a hard time sleeping now and then, and the Proper Cannabis Committee is no exception. These are the most recent products they found helped them snooze.

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Can Weed Help You Sleep? Yes, But It's Complicated

It's all about figuring out what's keeping you up at night and finding the right cannabinoid ratio from there.

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9 Vapes To Help You Fall Asleep

You've done the work of getting yourself into bed. Let these vapes take care of the rest.

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10 Edibles To Help You Stay Asleep

Restless nights are no match for these weedy treats.

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Sleepy Reviews

Two Puffs Of Purple Punch A Day Keeps The Blues Away

From errand runs to catnaps in the park, this cartridge helped me relax into it all.

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Your Bedtime Is Going To Love This Concentrate

Even with Aquaman's nips to distract me, I fell hard and fast for this jelly wax.

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Sleepy Time Pre-Rolls

Expertly rolled to keep you sleeping through the night.

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Edibles That Help You Sleep

Take one of these after dinner and let it slowly drift you into dreamland.

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Bedtime Story Reviews

This Flower Is An Overachiever

It might be recommended for sleep, but I'd turn to this flower any time of the day.

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This Pen Was Made For Slumber Parties

Warning: Sleep porn ahead. NSFW unless your office allows napping.

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Cannabis Nightcaps

Bedtime beverages to sip on before you sleep.

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Cannabis Sleeping Pills

Your new bedtime capsule is somewhere in this collection.

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