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Proper is the most sophisticated way to discover and shop for cannabis.

Why Proper

Call us crazy, but we think you should know what to expect from a cannabis product before you buy it. That's why we set out to test every legal cannabis product on the market. Learn how and why we set out to find the best products for sleep, relaxation, relief, euphoria, arousal, focus, and energy.

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The Proper Score Explained

The Proper Cannabis Committee rates and reviews cannabis products in California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington so you can find not just the best products—but the right high for you, near you. Here's how we evaluate products and generate scores.

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Why Kin Slips' CEO Josh Kirby Decided To Start Over

As if inventing a new cannabis sublingual wasn't enough, Kirby decided to reformulate the entire Kin Slips product line.

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From The Journal

Pantry Is Stocked For Success

Pantry's infused foods aren't your everyday edible, they're healthier products with a higher purpose.

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In The Race To Provide The Next Best Strain, Wave Rider’s Ahead Of The Game

Union Electric has partnered with leading greenhouse growers to provide premium cannabis at affordable prices.

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At LitHouse, It’s All In The Genes

These bud brothers focus on family, phenos and flower to redefine what it means to grow cannabis in Mendocino.

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The Science Behind Chemistry's Small-Batch Cannabis

We entered the lab with chemist and CEO Paul Roethle to study the science that sets Chemistry apart.

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